Five best things you can do for your marriage now. Number one. Stop the blame.

Stop all blame, shame, and criticism. Making your spouse feel bad may not be the best beginning for positive change. This does not mean that your spouse is perfect. If fact, your spouse may deserve blame. [...more]

Nelson Counseling is now Pinnacle Counseling

Welcome to our new website. We've expanded our offices in an…
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Helpful tips for handling the holiday "blahs"

Are you noticing your body slowing down as the holidays approach?…
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Monitoring the Future 2011 Results

The Monitoring the Future Survey has been administered to 8th, 10th, 12th grade students annually since 1975. The purpose of the anonymous survey is to establish baseline attitudes and behaviors concerning legal and illegal drugs. The survey seeks to determine how frequently [...more]

Marriage Counseling: Is there a fixable problem here? (warning: automotive analogy)

There is a big difference between repairing your car and scrapping it and buying a new one. The thought processes and tasks involved with each solution to your car problem are completely different. The fix or scrap question is usually informed by [...more]

Stages of Change: What stage are you in?

Therapists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, and others who study human behavior (parents, for example) actually know a great deal about how people move through major life changes. We move in stages. What is a major life change? We're not talking deciding between the raspberry torte or bananas foster here.

Anger & Depression

A gentle but steady current of anger inwardly directed will result in depression over time. Many people experiencing depression are surprised when mental health professionals question them about anger. Are you angry? Where is your anger? How are you angry? [...more]