Energy Healing at Nelson Counseling

One of our therapists, Carol Fowler, LCSW, is a certified Brennen…

Long Term Physical Effects of Alcohol Addiction

The longer a person abuses alcohol over time, the chances for…
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Lessons learned from resistance to change

"I need to change" is probably one of the most common issues…

Feel Better Live Better

Do you talk to yourself? Of course!!  Everybody does.  …

New Insight on Tantrums Should Soothe Parents (Maybe)

Recent research conducted at the University of Minnesota provides a deeper understanding of the childhood rite of passage known as the temper tantrum. These noisy episodes of defiant toddler behavior can include a child kicking, screaming, crying, [...more]

Opiate Use: From Experimentation to Addiction

Experimentation with alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco typically begins much earlier than experimentation with opiates. Opiates include both powerful prescription painkillers, [...more]

Why Change is so Difficult

Change is not always about the brute force of the human will. If it were, dieting would be much simpler process. Want to lose weight? Eat less, exercise more. End of story. If it doesn't work, it must be because you didn't really want to lose the weight, or weren't willing to do the work required.