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Live Better, Feel Better: Extending the Boundaries

A price will be exacted from us for everything we do or leave…
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Sports Psychology in Everyday Life (part 1)

As a former student-athlete, I have always considered there to…
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The Habit of People Pleasing

Are you in the habit of always thinking of everyone else first…

Life: the greatest gift we never asked for

I have no memory of longing to be alive. I don't remember asking…

You are beautiful now.

Beauty is an open and fearless heart. Beauty is the courage to accept yourself, love yourself. Many people think like this: I'll be beautiful if I lose 30 pounds. I'll be beautiful if I get that promotion, those shoes, that haircut. I'll be beautiful if my children are perfect.

The Courage to be True

You are the person most qualified to make the choices that shape…