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The holiday "blahs"

With the holiday season and winter months fast approaching, feelings…
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Domestic Violence

According to a 2010 national survey by the Centers for Disease…

Communication Breakdown: Feelings to Words

We have a couple of different ways to share our interior emotions. It is important that we do so. This type of sharing strengthens relationships. We share our emotional selves [...more]

Communication Breakdown

Communication is a foundational component of any relationship. Anyone who has ever tried to communicate with anyone knows that it's often not as easy as it would seem. Frequently, there are complications. People can be pretty complicated. [...more]

Strong Marriage Toolkit: Communication, Roles, Fun

A strong and mutually-supportive marriage is powerful thing. It can make the impossible, possible. It can also make the unbearable, bearable. Life is not easy. Marriage is not easy. But a strong marriage [...more]

There is no place for scorn in a loving relationship.

A relationship between two people is a dynamic process. A lot can change over time. The intensity of physical desire may wax and wane through to years, only to wax again when you least expect it. At times, the most predominant feelings experienced [...more]