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The Habit of People Pleasing

Are you in the habit of always thinking of everyone else first…
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Relationships are like a Garden (part 3)

Relationships are both complicated and simple at the same time.…

Five best things you can do for your marriage now. Number three. Have fun.

A successful marriage requires consistent effort. It is not something that happens to you. It is something that happens because of your efforts and the efforts of your spouse. Read More.

Five things you can do for your marriage now. Number two. The three A's.

The ability to change course in the middle of a fight is a powerful relationship skill. Most people do not have it. We can be so predictable in our arguments, so petty! Talk about [...more]

Communication Breakdown: the Destructive Yesbut

Yesbuts are communication wreckers. Here is a classic example of a series of yesbuts in conversation. Mom: Do you know how much I worry when you are out past midnight. Son: Yes, but you don't have to worry. I'm not doing anything. [...more]