Group Counseling

While group therapy (such as a 12-step group) can be beneficial, especially in realizing that we are not alone, we recommend individual counseling for several reasons. Group dynamics can be very complicated, and it can be easy to get triggered by other group members. Individual counseling provides you with a safe space to get the consistent, one-on-one focused attention that you deserve, without other people dominating the conversation. You get to focus on what you want to talk about and get individualized feedback and support for your unique situation. Individual therapy allows you to develop a strong personal relationship with your therapist. You are in control. You set the pace.

You don’t get to choose the time with groups; you must show up whenever the group is scheduled. However, we offer a variety of appointment times, including early morning, lunch break, afternoons, and evenings to work around your schedule and make therapy as convenient as possible for you.

Your therapist can help you determine if/when group therapy may be helpful for you, and they can recommend a group that would best fit your needs.

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