Find a Therapist: Northwest Arkansas

A therapist is someone trained to help you understand yourself…
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Gratitude has been proven by research to significantly decrease…

Communication Breakdown: Opportunity to Not Understand

When we communicate verbally, we are using symbols to convey meaning. If I tell someone that my car is red, there is a high probability that (if they are listening) they will understand what I am trying to communicate. Because he or she probably has a very clear understanding [...more]

Communication Breakdown: Opportunity to Not Listen

Any party involved in a conversation has the opportunity to not listen. Sometimes, it's obvious when your partner is not listening. Individuals engaged in the following behaviors are not actively listening: reading the paper, browsing the Internet, texting, channel surfing, [...more]

New Year's Resolutions

Is your plan is place? An earlier post gave a few what not to's…
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Steps to a Depression-free Mind

Can you imagine living in a society that was virtually free of…