Before Your First Visit

Before Your First Visit


What should I expect?

Expect your first appointment to be much more easy, comfortable and relaxing than anticipated. Our counselors are experts at helping their clients feel comfortable from the very first session. Expect to be asked the question, “What brings you in for your visit today?” by a professional listener whose job it is to care. Expect to talk about goals and to collaboratively develop a plan to achieve those goals.


What time should I arrive?

We schedule our appointments so we don’t have clients accidentally bumping into one another at our offices. We don’t have waiting rooms. Your counselor will greet you in the Pinnacle Counseling reception area and escort you to the counseling office. There is no need to arrive at your first appointment early.



Intake paperwork

Please complete the following forms by 4:00 PM the day BEFORE your appointment so your counselor has time to review them before meeting with you.

New Adult Client Forms   New Child Client Forms   Release of Information


Our time together

We don’t schedule back-to-back appointments at Pinnacle Counseling. This allows our counselors a little time to relax and reset between appointments. More importantly, it allows our clients to feel unhurried in the therapeutic process. You will never be rushed out of an appointment because someone else it waiting to get in.

Call us today at (479) 268-4142 to learn more about our counseling services. We’re here to help.


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