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Individual Counseling Services

One on one counseling provides a unique opportunity to work with a specialist trained in understanding how people think, behave, and react – in the world – in their families, in relationships, and when they are alone. Our counselors use evidence-based therapeutic techniques to help individuals understand themselves, their problems, their feelings, and their relationships in a way that improves their lives. This commonly includes the treatment of depression and or anxiety counseling.  If change is needed, a therapist will guide you through the process by providing support, motivation, and accountability.

Marriage & Relationship Counseling Services

Relationship counseling at Pinnacle Counseling provides individuals with a chance to analyze their relationships in a safe and supportive space. The relationship could be between husband and wife, siblings, or divorced parents. Counselors work to create a collaborative, goal-oriented relationship with each client in the hopes of turning conflict into growth.

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Family Counseling Services

Personal problems always arise within the context of a family. Family counseling can be helpful for families struggling with discipline, drug or alcohol abuse, or divorce and remarriage. Our counselors use a systems approach and look at patterns in communication. They aid families in removing ways of interaction and communication that continue problematic behaviors and replacing them with ways of interacting that provide the structure, support, and emotional context for the health and well-being of all family members.

Counseling Services for Children

Pinnacle Counseling offers counseling services for children, and their parents. An experienced therapist with advanced training in working with young people will meet with the child in our therapeutic playroom designed specifically to provide a safe environment for children to express themselves. Playing is one way that children are able to express themselves. Children do not have the level of vocabulary or insight like adults that allows that allows them to process emotions verbally. Through carefully selected toys, games, books, activities, art mediums, and purposeful play, children can make sense of their lives, heal, and learn new skills. Counseling and play therapy for children can address different types of issues, including reaction to stressors such as divorce or loss, traumas of all kinds, problems with family bonding and relationships, anxiety and depression, disruptive behavior, aggression, school problems, and ADHD.

Group Counseling Services

Generally personal growth occurs in a social situation. Our group counseling services provide clients with an opportunity to share their experience, strength, and hope with others facing similar life challenges in a safe and secure environment. Clients are often surprised by how much the understanding and support they receive from other group members empowers them to continue to move forward in their own recoveries. Group counseling services can offer many benefits to the individual self.  Learning to communicate effectively and exploring inner feelings are only a few of the benefits of our group sessions.  Please call for information on our current group availability.


We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of substance abuse disorders. Our addiction specialists have considerable experience helping individuals and families recover from all addictions, including sex and pornography addictions. Addictions can not only be physical things that we consume, but also abstract things, like gambling.  We work with families to help addicted or troubled individuals get the counseling and treatment they need even if it means referral to a high quality residential facility.

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Community Presentations

We are always looking for opportunities to educate the Northwest Arkansas community on topics related to mental health, relationships, and substance abuse. We would love to speak to your community group! Please call (479) 282-2443 or visit our contact page  to find out how we can serve your needs.

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