Individual Treatment Services

Mental Health Treatment Services

Looking for a place to help you deal with life’s challenges? If so, you’ve found your perfect match. Our counselors have the knowledge and experience to help you face all types of personal challenges and mental health issues. Sincere effort on your part, combined with professional mental health and counseling services can help you overcome almost any problem. People from all different walks of life come to our Rogers office to seek help with difficult problems.  Here you will find understanding, motivation, and accountability to help you both feel better and live better.

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Depression Treatment Services

Depression is a serious affliction that affects every aspect of your daily life. The symptoms are not only behavioral, but physical too.  It can disrupt sleep patterns, diet, social interactions, and concentration. It can take over your life and cause you to lose hope that things can get better. We want you to know that your life can get better. At Pinnacle Counseling, we understand this painful disorder and are here to help our patients through this difficult time. Our counseling services offer depression treatment that can help you learn how to regain hope and how to cope in the future.

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Anxiety Treatment Services

Anxiety can become a debilitating condition to those who suffer from it. Some of the symptoms of anxiety are worry and fear that can affect your daily life. This affliction is not always taken seriously by those who do not understand it, but in fact, it can have serious negative effects on your life and on your family’s lives. Unfortunately, one of the biggest struggles when it comes to healing can be dealing with people who don’t understand this illness and its very real implications. At Pinnacle Counseling, we offer our patients compassionate anxiety treatment with experienced counselors to help you lead a normal life.

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Addiction Treatment Services

Having an addiction can be extremely disruptive to an individual’s life, affecting relationships, work, and sometimes even leading to financial or legal trouble. Someone with an addiction will find it extremely difficult to stop without proper support and help. You may find yourself lying or becoming angry if your partner asks you to stop. Unfortunately, many individuals suffering from addiction do not seek help, either because they are embarrassed or because they do not feel that their addiction is a problem. Not seeking help is risking one’s health and can lead to choices that they would not normally make.

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