Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my counseling session cost?

The cost of sessions varies depending on the type of insurance you have and the type of services you are seeking. Our rates are competitive; our services, outstanding.

Is it worth the expense?

Simply put, yes. A counselor or therapist is not just an acquaintance who listens well. Therapists listen deeply to what you say, but they also pay attention to what you don’t say. They ask questions to challenge or deepen your perspective on your own thoughts, feelings and actions. Our counselors work with you to understand your problems in a way that opens up space for real and lasting change. Being truly heard during your counseling sessions helps you to feel better. We want you to feel better, but we also want you to live better:

  • Have better relationships
  • Have more self-confidence
  • Have deeper fulfillment
  • Have more freedom

Do you accept insurance?

We are a preferred in-network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield. We are also an in-network provider for Ambetter. We are able to file for out-of- network benefits with most major insurance companies for counseling services. All insurance companies are different. All we need is your member identification, date of birth and we will gladly check your insurance benefits for you.

How does simply talking about a problem fix it?

Truly meaningful, long-lasting change must begin from within. Life is not easy. Sometimes it can feel like we continually cycle through the same painful issues. Stopping the cycle usually requires a fundamental shift in perspective, a new understanding and a new awareness. It is work, but it is not work that you can do alone. The professionals at Pinnacle Counseling can help.

How soon can I be seen?

We strive to accommodate all persons who inquire within a 24- to 48-hour period. We will schedule a counseling appointment to fit your lifestyle and needs.

How long will I have to go to counseling?

In general, a specific issue with a short history can be addressed fairly quickly, for example in 4 to 8 sessions over a 1-2 month period. However, a non-specific issue with a long history like, “I’ve never really been a happy person,” will probably require more in-depth work and more time.

Can my marriage be saved?

The average married couple is unhappy for six years before seeking couples counseling. That’s too long. There is no need to suffer inside an unhappy marriage. Marriage counseling works. But it’s difficult work and not every counselor is suited to the task. We have seen couples in our offices who have tried counseling in the past and been disappointed with the results. We have seen couples who arrive at the first session without hope, feeling that divorce was inevitable. We have also seen amazing transformations for those who arrive with willingness, openness and a sincere desire that things get better.

Do you have special services for high profile clients?

Yes, we do. Our counselors work with people from all walks of life, including high-profile individuals, couples and families who prefer an extra measure of discretion. Our counselors work very hard to protect your privacy. Our facility has several entrances and we have no public waiting rooms, this provides very little opportunity for you to see or be seen by others while you are here. We will work with you to develop a counseling plan that suits your specific needs and schedule.

Are there job opening at Pinnacle Counseling?

We always welcome the opportunity to correspond with individuals who believe they can help us better serve or clients. If you think you are a good fit for our organization, please, let us know why. Send your resume and cover letter to sharon@pinnaclecounselingnwa.com — we’ll let you know if we feel there might be a place for you at Pinnacle Counseling.

Call us today at (479) 282-2443 to learn more about our counseling services. We’re here to help.


COVID-19 Update


Dear Valued Clients,

Due to COVID-19, at this time we are seeing clients mostly via telehealth. For your privacy and security, we use the HIPAA compliant encrypted Zoom technology. Many insurance plans are covering telehealth 100% and waiving member cost shares. We are happy to check your benefits for you to see if your plan is participating.

We do have some therapists offering in-office sessions on a limited basis. For your health and safety, we are following CDC guidelines such as wearing masks, taking temperature, social distancing, extra sanitation, etc.

We are here to help, especially during this difficult time. For more information, please call our office at 479-268-4142.