Our Counselors

Joel Gray

Mental Health & Relationship Counselor LPC

“Life is happening right now, make it the best.”

Brenda Zedlitz, LCSW

Mental Health and Relationship Counselor LCSW

“The journey is sometimes lonely and hard. Being invited into your life as a fellow-traveler to explore self-discovery, healing, purpose and passion is an honor.”

Kevin Kirkpatrick, LPC

Mental Health & Relationship Counselor LPC

“Our reactions and choices are the only things we can control.”

Rachel Bannert, LPC

Mental Health & Relationship Therapist LPC

“Whatever it is, you don't have to brave it alone.”

Jenna Myers, LCSW

Mental Health & Relationship Counselor LCSW

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Brenden Jones, LPC

Mental Health & Relationship Counselor

“Whatever may be happening in life, all we can do is make sure we work at being the best version of ourselves”

Travis Webb, LPC

Mental Health & Relationship Counselor LPC / Clinical Director

"Effective therapy begins with a relationship. This relationship allows you to be heard without fear of judgment. The more you are heard, the more your fears will fade.”

Rachel Freeman, LPC

Mental Health Counselor

“Keep picturing the healing you want, and you will find yourself taking steps towards it.”


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