Pinnacle Counseling Acknowledged by CitiScapes Magazine


Because of our exceptional mental health services, Pinnacle Counseling was recently honored by CitiScapes Magazine as one of their Best of the Best in Northwest Arkansas of 2022. Out of all the mental health centers in the area, Pinnacle emerged as the best partly because of our client-focused philosophy, which centers on your needs. Our experienced counselors provide guidance and support to help Arkansas natives navigate difficult situations and improve communication and emotional connections within relationships.

Our owner, Travis Webb, is thrilled with this acknowledgment, and stated, “Since transitioning into new ownership in August 2021, the last thing we were thinking about was being Best of the Best. The main goal simply being how can we be better than we have been. It came as a great surprise after being informed regarding this achievement. I hope we can continue to provide amazing services to the Northwest Arkansas area. We are only as good as the people that believe in us.”

In addition to individual therapy, Pinnacle Counseling provides marriage and relationship therapy services. We understand that relationships require effort and can help you address any issues that affect your quality of life. Our family counseling services are designed to help you develop healthier communication patterns and build stronger emotional connections. Our counselors will work with you to identify problematic family dynamics and provide guidance to improve your family relationships.

Trust Pinnacle Counseling, the Best of the Best in Northwest Arkansas, for Compassionate, Professional Mental Health Services.

Pinnacle Counseling holds a perspective of authenticity, compassion, cooperation, and development towards the therapy process. Our team of therapists aims to facilitate their clients in discovering their inner strength, gaining clarity, and recognizing that the route to their personal peak rests within them. It is an honor for us at Pinnacle Counseling to be part of your voyage towards transformation and restoration through client-centered mental health therapy.

Feel free to contact us to explore how one of our therapists can support you in your healing journey.



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