Thoughts About Happiness

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”
–Abraham Lincoln

A common issue that leads a person to seek counseling is their belief that they are unhappy, yet they are not able to verbalize what would make them happy. The individual can identify multiple reasons why they are unhappy, even blaming situations (finances, job, school, arguments) or others (spouse, parents, teachers, peers) for their unhappiness. Some people believe they do not deserve to be happy or they are waiting for a future event, situation or person to bring them happiness. Their perception about their unhappiness can even lead to physical manifestations, broken relationships and self-defeating behaviors such as substance abuse. The counseling process can help one examine their beliefs, expectations and define what “happy” might look like. Making your mind shift or change beliefs about being happy is an individual process. For some, the shift occurs quickly and easily, while others may struggle and shift at a slower pace. Either way, the professional counselors at pinnacle Counseling are ready to help you as you make up your mind to be happier!


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