Tough Talks

Communication is the key to happiness where relationships are concerned. Both individuals in a committed and loving relationship should feel free to speak openly about anything. For difficult subjects it is important to say what’s on your mind in the spirit of compassion, love, and tolerance. Some topics are certainly easier than others. Here are a few of the most difficult:

  • Your feeling that your partner spends too much money
  • Your need to spend more time together
  • Your sexual preferences
  • Your partner’s sexual likes and dislikes
  • Your need to privacy
  • Your negative feelings about your partner’s family
  • Your partner’s personal cleanliness
  • Your partner’s bad habits
  • Your worst fears
  • Your past relationships

When approaching a difficult subject it may be best to start like this:

This is difficult for me. I want to talk about something and I think it’s important. But I think it’s a hard thing to talk about. Is now a good time to talk? I want to talk when you want to talk. It’s about ____________.


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