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Big changes like a move, a promotion, or even the pressures of day-to-day life can cause any family to struggle. That is why we’re here to provide family counseling in Cave Springs. Our trained counselors and therapists are available to help individuals, couples, and families with whatever they may be struggling with. No matter the difficulty of what you might be facing, we’re here to help! Pinnacle counseling is proud to be able to serve the needs of the community around Cave Springs.

Family Therapy and Individual Therapist Services in Cave Springs AR

Here are some of the more popular services that we provide:

Call us today if you are interested in scheduling an appointment. We offer counseling services in a comfortable atmosphere that facilitates communication and honesty.

Cave Springs, Arkansas

Cave Springs is a fairly small town within Benton County. Its population is just over 1,700, and is a great place in the valley of the Osage Creek. The small town is named after a water source that flows from two nearby caves. The north cave is now closed to the public and general traffic, but it was once rumored to have several rooms. There are even some historical mentions of two waterfalls within the caves! Natural beauty and sources of wonder abound for the lucky citizens of Cave Springs.

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Even though the north cave is closed to the public, it is still called home by a large population of bats, and contains one of the largest known populations of ozark cavefish, which is currently a dwindling and threatened species native to the region.

Settlers found the region after Arkansas became a state in 1836. The area has a rich history of milling, and for a time one of the primary crops grown around Cave Springs was tobacco. The first school built in the town was actually referred to by locals as “Stick in the Mud,” and was a single room log-cabin. Today, Cave Springs is under the purview of the Bentonville School District, which is probably a relief to the locals!

Being located so close to Bentonville, the town has become a place where residents can kick back and relax away from the daily grind. Pinnacle Counseling is here to help alleviate that pressure, too. Give us a call if you think that a bit of personal time might help enhance your relationship with people or work. Our friendly staff is standing by to make sure your counseling and therapist needs are met.


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