Decluttering for the New Year

Most people seek counseling because they don’t like how they feel. Persistent feelings of worry or inadequacy make life difficult. These feelings can support a downward spiral of feeling –> thought –> action that is self reinforcing. I feel bad, so I think I’m bad, so act in ways that reinforce my feelings and thoughts. If you find yourself in one of these cycles, it’s important to break free from it. If you find you can’t, you may want to speak with a professional counselor or therapist.

Surprisingly, clutter may be an excellent point to intervene and break the cycle. Our environment has a powerful influence on our feelings. It’s difficult to change our feelings directly. Most find that they can not think themselves into feeling better. But if we can successfully change our actions to positively impact our environment, we’ll take our feelings along for the ride. There’s a good chance that in the end, we’ll feel better.


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