Local Rogers, AR EMDR therapist Sharon Nelson attends International Conference

Sharon Nelson LCSW was grateful to attend the trauma focused EMDR International Conference in Los Angeles, CA, in September 2019. EMDR is an acronym for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.
EMDR therapy is a comprehensive primary clinical protocol which in part is bilateral stimulation through the sight, sound, or tactile senses. The goal is to integrate left to right hemispheres of the brain.
Connecting mind, body, and spirit with attunement from the therapist places awareness of somatic (physical sensations) focus to effectively process activating material.
The educators focused on new research and resources related to the brain responses to trauma and healing. The presenters discussed anxiety, complex trauma, attachment related treatment mindfulness, treating depression and depressive disorders, and dissociation related to physical or sexual abuse.
EMDR therapists guide survivors in healing of trauma, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and addictions. We address improved health through an 8-phase model explaining a variety of past, present, and future targets and triggers.
As an EMDR therapist Sharon offers relevant resources and shares inspiration, hope, and new perspective.
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COVID-19 Update


Dear Valued Clients,

Due to COVID-19, at this time we are seeing clients mostly via telehealth. For your privacy and security, we use the HIPAA compliant encrypted Zoom technology. Many insurance plans are covering telehealth 100% and waiving member cost shares. We are happy to check your benefits for you to see if your plan is participating.

We do have some therapists offering in-office sessions on a limited basis. For your health and safety, we are following CDC guidelines such as wearing masks, taking temperature, social distancing, extra sanitation, etc.

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