Marriage Counseling: Is there a fixable problem here? (warning: automotive analogy)

There is a big difference between repairing your car and scrapping it and buying a new one. The thought processes and tasks involved with each solution to your car problem are completely different. The fix or scrap question is usually informed by a couple of contributing factors regarding the current status of the vehicle:

  • What still works?
  • Is it road-worthy? Safe to drive?
  • Why did I buy this car in the first place? Are the reasons still sound?
  • Is the current damage repairable?
  • Is it worth the time and money it will take to repair the damage?
  • Can I get by without this car until I find a new one?

The answers to the above questions determine whether you are moving in the fix direction or the scrap direction.

Many couples involved in marriage counseling find themselves in a similar position determining to future of their marriage: fix it or scrap it. Many of the same type of questions apply. The trick to saving a marriage is to find the fixable problem and fix it.



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