Stressed? It’s just desserts spelled backwards.

The word “stressed” is indeed “desserts” spelled backwards. So when you feel stressed, think about your favorite desserts. Late car payment? – think about a rich Crème Brûlée. Health problems? – try thinking about Flan for a while. Lose your job? – might have to pull out the big guns on this one: Bananas Foster, or maybe Baked Alaska.

Could it really be this simple?

Well, no. It can’t be that simple. Real problems require real solutions.

But how you think about your problems has a lot to do with the amount of stress you experience. And stress is bad. Stress does not generate solutions, just more problems. A problem might exist in your personal or professional life, but stress exists in your mind.

If thinking about pecan pie helps you realize that you have a modicum of control over the amount of stress your are experiencing do it. It’s worth it. It’s silly, but it’s worth it.


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