By Beth Tellez, LCSW

Vulnerability.  Wow, that word can stir up a series of emotions for many people!  Fear is often a common reaction in therapy when the very notion of vulnerability is mentioned.  When given the space to explore fear, however, we find that it is simply a defense mechanism in action attempting to keep us safe from anticipatory emotional exposure.

Fear may try to tell us that vulnerability is too painful, scary, or even a demonstration of weakness.  If we look to Vulnerability Expert, Brené Brown, her research tells a very different story.  Brené’s years of research resulted in this incredible notion that she so eloquently describes in her best seller books: Vulnerability actually breeds connection with others.  Additionally, the monster emotion – shame, when spoken in a place of empathy, simply cannot exist!

Imagine the freedom and healing that can come when you allow yourself to sit in an empathetic space with a trusting individual and explore your own vulnerability.  Not from a place of weakness, but of empowerment and freedom.  Imagine rather than running from your problems, you learn to move into vulnerability with compassion and grace for yourself and others.  Instead of staying stuck in your hurt, you use the power to heal. Just imagine.

If you are interested in learning more about vulnerability and connectedness, visit Brené Brown’s work at her website:

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