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Did you know Pinnacle Counseling serves children and families?

Pinnacle Counseling offers counseling for children, ages 5-17,…

Give your child your most precious gift. Your time.

Children don't really care what you do with them. What matters most is that you are doing something with them. Enter their world. Try to see the your family and the world from their perspective. Play tag. Make a lemonade stand or a zoo for stuffed animals. It doesn't matter what you [...more]

Kid-centered Parenting

Being a parent has been described as the toughest job you'll ever love. This is certainly true. Additionally, parenting is the most frustrating, rewarding, infuriating, confusing, illuminating, challenging, challenging, inspiring, exhausting, invigorating, blessed job you'll ever love.
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Internet Gaming Addiction: Warning Signs

The following signs are indicators that a child may be addicted to video games. Behavioral addictions begin with enjoyable activities. Games are fun. They offer entertainment and escape, often meaningful social interactions. But when behaviors become compulsions, when games become something a child [...more]

New Insight on Tantrums Should Soothe Parents (Maybe)

Recent research conducted at the University of Minnesota provides a deeper understanding of the childhood rite of passage known as the temper tantrum. These noisy episodes of defiant toddler behavior can include a child kicking, screaming, crying, [...more]