What You’re Looking For

It’s hard to come out of your shell and open up and be honest. You don’t need anyone to pressure or judge you – you need compassion! You want someone who really listens and actually understands your feelings. You’re looking for a comfortable place where you can be yourself and talk things through. But you’re also looking for someone to call you out and hold you accountable – in a respectful way. We get it, and we’re here to help you heal. You can feel safe and supported as you make difficult decisions. You can start to enjoy life again. You never know, you may be shocked to realize that going to counseling isn’t so bad after all.

Many clients say they’re glad they came and they wish they would have started therapy a lot sooner. We offer emotional support and hope for a brighter and more fulfilling future. Together we’ll create a plan so you have an idea of what the steps look like to get where you want to be. We use a practical, goal-oriented approach. We can’t make your decisions for you, but we can help you sort it out and choose what direction you want to go.


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