Where You Want to Be

Many of our clients have had breakthroughs that lead to a huge sense of relief when they can finally put words to feelings, grieve, forgive themselves, and develop self-compassion. You may want to confront and change negative thought patterns. Or maybe you need clarity on what is/is not your problem. Either way, we hope to give you permission to think differently.

  • You might realize ways in which you were hurting yourself. Part of healing may be prioritizing self-care and getting more sleep, eating healthy, exercising, spending more time in nature, reading, meditating, or getting out of your comfort zone and socializing. 
  • You may find that you stop using drugs, alcohol, or other addictions to escape like you used to, because you’re feeling so much better. 
  • Perhaps you want to learn how to keep your cool so you can feel closer to your spouse. Or maybe you want to be more present with your kids and do fun things together again. Your home can be a place of grace and peace.  
  • You might want to find a new partner, a new job, or go back to school. You have the freedom to choose your future. 

It’s possible your issues are more related to no longer equating productivity with worthiness and letting go of the need to be first or most important. Whatever your situation, we’re here to help you become more self-aware and see things in a new light. You may even begin to recognize things you previously didn’t realize were problems. You can learn to take better care of yourself. It is possible to feel focused, relaxed, peaceful, accepted, and appreciated. It’s okay to love yourself and have a happy life. 


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