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Feel Better Live Better: Experiential Therapy: What is it and Why use it?

Let’s start by saying WOW! That’s truly what Experiential…

Terry Richardson, LCSW

Mental Health and Relationship Counselor   “I believe…

You don't always have to understand the problem to find the solution.

Individuals suffering from alcohol dependence frequently cycle through the same litany of questions. Why do I keep doing this? Why can't I stop? [...more]

Almost Alcoholic? New Book Examines Problem Drinking

It's a slippery slope that defines the differences between enthusiastic social drinker, binge drinker, problem drinker, and full-blown alcoholic. A new book, Almost Alcoholic: Is My (or My Loved One's) Drinking a Problem? (The Almost Effect), examines the behaviors and consequences [...more]

Life: the greatest gift we never asked for

I have no memory of longing to be alive. I don't remember asking…

Centering Prayer - Christian Mediation

The health benefits of meditation have been well documented. This article, Meditation: A simple, fast way to reduce stress, posted on the Mayo Clinic's website, recommends mediation as an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety. We teach meditative practices [...more]