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Feel Better Live Better: Experiential Therapy: What is it and Why use it?

Let’s start by saying WOW! That’s truly what Experiential…

Terry Richardson, LCSW

Mental Health and Relationship Counselor   “I believe…

Prescription Painkiller Abuse: Up 430% over the Last Decade

New research released last Thursday provides further evidence that the US is currently experiencing an epidemic of prescription painkiller abuse. Admission rates for alcohol and drug rehabilitation have remained stable over the last ten years. [more...]

You become what you think about.

Where are your thoughts today? Where are they taking you? What messages are you sending yourself about yourself, the Universe, and your place in it? Are you thinking about how you are emotionally [...more]

You are beautiful now.

Beauty is an open and fearless heart. Beauty is the courage to accept yourself, love yourself. Many people think like this: I'll be beautiful if I lose 30 pounds. I'll be beautiful if I get that promotion, those shoes, that haircut. I'll be beautiful if my children are perfect.

Strong Marriage Toolkit: Communication, Roles, Fun

A strong and mutually-supportive marriage is powerful thing. It can make the impossible, possible. It can also make the unbearable, bearable. Life is not easy. Marriage is not easy. But a strong marriage [...more]